Main Goal:

    SME in Southeast Europe will benefit from the options offered by the CEFTA agreement to increase income and employment opportunities in the region.

    Project Goal:

    The Chambers of the CEFTA countries are qualified for an active role in implementing the CEFTA agreement especially regarding promotion of SME.



    Result 1:

    Know-how and management of the partner Chambers are strengthened regarding their role in implementing CEFTA.

    Result 2:

    The project partners offer to the SME sustainable services and are thus strengthening the competitiveness of the SME when using the chances of the CEFTA agreement.

    Result 3:

    The project partners act as competent representatives of the economy in the political dialogue to implement CEFTA.

    Result 4:

    The project partners have established a systematic and regular exchange of know-how and execute activities jointly.