ITAC Project


    ITAC (Innovation Technology for Adriatic Competitiveness)-  “Support for cross-border SMEs and their consortium for innovation, industrial and commercial collaboration services”, aims to reinforce the role of Chambers of Commerce in the Adriatic Region to support innovation in small and medium enterprises (SMEs) as part of a  “networked” initiative on a transnational scale, particularly aimed at the mechanics, textiles, agrifood, and marine industries/network. It will encourage the meeting of businesses’ supply and demand for innovation through the support of Public Research Institutes. The final recipients of the project are: Chambers of Commerce/Regional Unions, SMEs, trade associations, local institutions, research bodies etc.


    The project started in some Albanian companies from fisheries and food sectors. The consulting was provided in five basic steps, briefly described below.

    The following key actions, throughout the design process:

    • Training of technical staff and local managers  too, provided by joint Italian -Albanian and Italian companies, or Italian companies that have invested directly in Albania, in order to introduce in the company means to strengthen the quality  and safety of food;
    • Pilot certifications of Albanian companies or Italian -Albanian companies in food industry, especially in fish sector;
    • Organizing  cooperation in manufacturing and commercial initiatives, aiming to promote in Italy the  supply of agricultural products and foods  from Albania;
    • Support different type of of business, based in the European cooperative model, driven by the Italian demand for concrete supply from  Albania ;
    • Promoting the Italian machinery and technology, facilitate the establishment of  joint Italian-Albanian companies  and Italian direct investments.